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The Munich Security Breakfast is organised by the Community for Defence Innovation e.V.

Our goal is to bring together potentials and players to enable security through innovations in defence and dual use.

Let's talk. Defence. Potentials.

The true strength of a nation lies not only in its ability to defend itself, but also in its ability to forge innovations as a protective shield for the future.


The fusion of defence and innovation forms the basis that shapes our security and expands our horizons.

February 15, 2024

in framework of the Munich Security Conference 

For invited guests only: 

Innovators, talents and experts meet at a Bavarian breakfast to identify opportunities for investment in Defence Innovation.

Networking, exchange and exciting impulses create new contacts between dual-use start-ups and investors.

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Let's talk.

Lippold von Oldershausen

Founder + Board Member

Matthias Hoffmann

Founder + Board Member

Carl David Prien

Interim Chief of Staff

Lippold von Oldershausen

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Founders and board members

Community for Defense Innovation e.V.

Matthias Hoffmann

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