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We are looking for start-ups and scale-ups from the defence and dual-use sectors that are looking for a round of financing.

What is dual-use?

A dual-use startup is a company whose products or technologies can be used in both civilian markets and the defence and security sector. Typical examples of dual-use technologies include advanced communication systems, sensor technologies, data analytics platforms, drones and other innovative solutions that offer added value in both civilian and military contexts.

You are looking for investors - we connect you directly.

The dual-use character of startups makes them particularly attractive to investors interested in innovation in both the civil and defence sectors, and they play an important role in promoting technologies that can address both security concerns and commercial applications.

February 15th: Your appearance at the Munich Security Breakfast

As part of the Munich Security Breakfast, we bring you and the investor scene together. On the morning of 15 February 2024, selected people can expect a bavarian breakfast, networking, direct exchange and impulses from top representatives from NATO, the defence industry, the investor scene and politics to provide insights and opportunities for investments in dual-use start-ups.

This is what we offer you (free of charge):

1. Participation in the event

We invite around 50 startups to take part in the event on site. Through various network formats you come into direct contact with investors and can get feedback directly. You will receive the registration link for the event after you have registered your startup for the startup booklet. Easy networking including Bavarian breakfast and beer.

2. Appearance in the startup booklet

To give local investors an overview of the companies, we are creating a startup booklet. In addition to contributions from politics, business and our partners, you will have the opportunity to present your company and product or service on a full page

- all free of charge

Next Steps

1. Register your startup/scale-up online in our startup area.

2. Upload your data according to the print template for the booklet in the internal area of this website by February 02, 2024. 

3. You will then receive a registration link to take part in the event on February 15 at the Augustiner in Munich.

Register now 

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